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North America

Where the Locals Eat in Hawaii

10 Comments 19 May 2015

When you live on a tropical paradise you must have adopted healthy, fresh, light eating habits – right? That’s the beautiful paradise picture we paint in our head. However Hawaii is an interesting little slice of paradise that is nothing like it’s tropical neighbors of Bali or SE Asia when it comes to eating. It […]

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Getting Schooled in the Kitchen

3 Comments 05 May 2015

Why does it always look so easy when you watch it on the Food Network? Hell, those chefs can whip up a whole dinner in 30 minutes while talking to a camera and not one swear word comes out of their mouth. How is that possible? For the first time in years I had my […]

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pei food cooking class

Prince Edward Island

Farm to Table Cooking In PEI

5 Comments 14 April 2015

An island surrounded by the abundant fruits of the sea and a landscape of rolling hills and little patchwork farms make up the culture of Prince Edwards Island. This combination of fishermen, farmers, and small town feel make PEI the perfect destination for culinary adventures. They call PEI “The Gentle Island” but after a few […]

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Things to do in PEI

Prince Edward Island

Sip Slurp Suck PEI Oysters for Breakfast

7 Comments 09 April 2015

He held the aqua-green rough shell in his hand with a rubber glove, and with the other hand he swiftly pried the shell open making it look easy, yet I know from experience that oyster shucking is not easy. The top shell popped off and he handed me the bottom shell with a perfectly plump […]

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