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Berlin’s Graffiti Art

16 Comments 12 October 2012

  You don’t have to walk more than a few blocks in Berlin and you will find it – graffiti.  This form of art has me confused  – I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  Most of the time I’m annoyed that the brilliant European cities that I love are covered in graffiti […]

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Venice fog grand canal

Italy, Photo of the Week

Foggy Memories of Departing Venice

9 Comments 04 October 2012

The morning air was cool and crisp when I walked out of my apartment in Venice.  The chilly air felt like pin pricks on my skin, but I was happy for this cool breeze because in no time I would be sweating from carrying all of my gear.  I was leaving Venice after my 4 […]

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Istanbul modern art museum sign

Featured, Turkey

Istanbul’s Diverse Neighborhoods – how to choose?

37 Comments 02 October 2012

In a city of 13 million people covering 2000 square miles how do you know where to begin? Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean and it is easily the largest city in Turkey. It’s been growing since the 1950’s when migrants from Anatolia flocked to the city in search of economic […]

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Galata Tower Istanbul Sunset

Photo Documentaries, Turkey

Istanbul Photography

27 Comments 21 September 2012

Four weeks in Istanbul means a lot of photos!  Here are some of my favorite more obscure shots from some familiar and not so familiar parts of the city.  When I can travel slow and have the time to really live in a city – I enjoy getting out and seeing the local life outside […]

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