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How to Save Big $$ for Travel

2 Comments 13 December 2011

Accepting change is hard. Most people don’t have a choice, when the world changes – they eventually have to change with it. My mother on Facebook is a great example of this; it was the only way she was going to keep up with her grandchildren’s lives. I have to admit though – I’m a […]

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Feline Visitation Rights

1 Comment 04 May 2008

Photo: Since I’m in the process of selling off all of my posessions, my friend Linda sent this photo to me as a joke! I used to say that my cat, Palucci, had love for only one person; that person used to be me. However, when I decided to do my long term travel last […]

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America, Inside My Head

From The Outside Looking In

5 Comments 10 February 2008

Photo: American Grocery Store America – my home country…my passport, my culture. I’ve been gone from it for 15 months and am now re-entering it with a fresh pair of eyes. I have to first start out, I do love my country. It is my heritage. I love our freedom, I love our rights, I […]

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Travel by Numbers

4 Comments 25 January 2008

I must admit, I went to school for Accounting, why – I have no idea. “Hello my name is Sherry and I’m a bean counter.” Yeah – it never quite fit me, nor my personality, which is probably how I ended up in Information Technology. However, there was something about numbers that I liked which […]

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I'm Sherry, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. I travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences and photography. But it's not just about travel, it's also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer.
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