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Winter Safari in Jasper National Park

13 Comments 13 February 2014

  Just when I was about to give up – I saw the coyote along the side of the snow-covered road. It turned and looked at us. Assessing our big vehicle determining friend or foe? Friend was the answer as it turned away and didn’t seem to care in the least that a big white [...]

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Where Sheep Roam – Patagonia

5 Comments 15 March 2013

They were lurking in the landscapes – I knew they were there – but you seldom see them. Occasionally – among the flat golden grasses you’d see one, on his horse, with his signature gaucho beret hat, quiet aura, and chiseled features. He had an eye on the cattle or sheep with the help of [...]

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Antarctica Wildlife Sightings

12 Comments 01 February 2013

Don’t be fooled – you are entering their world.  They own this part of the globe, and maybe that’s why it’s so special.  It may be one of the last places on earth where man hasn’t taken over.  A world where humans are not the center of attention – that’s exactly what draws me here. [...]

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Antarctica’s Winged Mascot

28 Comments 11 January 2013

If Antarctica had a mascot, it would most definitely be the penguin.  They are the main population on Antarctica, and they are damn cute.  Sure – they smell…badly – but I found the odor pretty easy to overlook in light of their general adorableness.  I personally think they could make a run to de-thrown the [...]

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Cruising to Antarctica

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How Cruising to Antarctica Works

36 Comments 03 January 2013

I have said repeatedly that I have no interest on being on a cruise. The confinement and mode of travel just don’t fit my personality and desires. However there have always been a few exceptions to this statement – Antarctica is one of them. Cruising on an expedition style ship is really the only main [...]

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sea turtle up close

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Turtle Soup

3 Comments 20 November 2012

We arrive at Polihua beach after a long dirty off-roading drive. We get out of the jeep, slam the creaky door, dust ourselves off, and step out from the scruffy trees that we parked near. Immediately the wind catches me and blows me back catching me off guard and unstable rocking in the sand. Polihua [...]

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The Purrfect Sanctuary in Lanai

16 Comments 16 November 2012

We use the expression “herding cats” to refer to refers to an attempt to control or organize a group which is uncontrollable or chaotic.  It depicts something difficult, challenging, and nearly impossible.  However on the island of Lana’i “herding cats” is common place – and the volunteers of Lana’i Animal Rescue Center (LARC) make it [...]

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A Presidential Park

6 Comments 07 September 2012

The 2012 presidential race is on here in the US like it or not.  Yesterday I even went and filled out my absentee ballot form so that I can get the ballot sent to me since I will be traveling in Lanai, Hawaii at the time of the election – far away from my polling [...]

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