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Photo of the Week – Zion National Park

6 Comments 05 November 2010

Rock Cemetery - Zion

Each of the national parks in the Utah/Arizona region has a personality all of it’s own. Zion is one of my favorite parks, for it’s texture, color, and towering peaks. Unlike the Grand Canyon where most people view it from the top, Zion is viewed from the bottom. You get the feeling of walking through towering boulder buildings of the Flintstone’s home town, Bedrock. These ‘skyscrapers’ have beautiful designs painted on them thanks to wind and water erosion leave this feeling of no two peaks being alike.

I couldn’t choose just one…but I think these photos represent the grandeur of Zion!

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6 Comments so far

  1. Ryan Kim says:

    I’ve been there before. It is amazing place!!! :-)

  2. Great shots of Zion. Did you do the hike up the Virgin River? One of the best hikes in the USA in my opinion.

    • admin says:

      No – I had to miss any river hiking due to rain. I really wanted to hike Zion Narrows – one of my main reasons for going – but the day we were going to do it there was rain in the distance and we were told not to go due to potential flooding! Boo. A reason to go back I guess!

  3. Fantastic pictures. Wish I could take pictures like that. Looks like a cool place to hike as well.

  4. Mick Kovac says:

    I rode a motorcycle through Bryce Canyon in 1994. Always wanted to go back there and explore on foot. Hope I get back there someday.

  5. kelley anne says:

    Beautiful photos, if you want more on Utah and the beauty it has to offer check out where we talk not only about Zions, but also other adventures one can have while living in or visiting the great state of UTAH

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