Photo of the Week – Royal Gardens

April 29, 2011 1 Comment »

orchid purple

Colorful Orchids

In honor of the royal wedding, I thought I should focus the Photo of the Week on something royal.  Since I’m not photographing the wedding, the next best thing is the Royal Botanical Gardens near Kandy Sri Lanka.  It was a hefty entry fee of $10USD a person to see orchids, but it was cheaper than buying the royal couple a wedding gift this weekend.

Give yourself a couple of hours to wander around the highly manicured gardens.  Be sure to stop in the orchid house and take a walk towards the back of the gardens to view the perfectly placed palm trees.  Also don’t forget to look upwards and see the thousands of bats hovering above the trees.  The Royal Botanical Gardens have something in every direction – except Will and Katherine!  However the park is full of love as local couples find hideaways amongst the trees.

Tree roots

Couples dot the landscape of trees

orchid lavender

Purple is a royal color...

Bats circling

Bats circle above the botanical garden keeping watch

orange pink orchid

Colorful Orchids

chainsaw danger

A Dangerous Job! Love the chainsaw hanging from his waist and his bare feet!

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