Photo of the Week – Opera House

Opera House Valencia

The Futuristic Opera House of Valencia

Is this the future of opera in Spain?  I hope so!  Move over Sydney – meet Valencia.  I couldn’t get enough of this fascinating building that reminded me of something out of Tron.   I took a stroll around the Palace of Arts complex yesterday in Valencia and this is just one of the many impressive modern architecture wonders of Valencia.  The buildings are a photographers dream – lines and curves with colorful settings and wading pools. Today I get to tour inside these buildings and will get to photograph it from a new perspective as a part of my trip sponsored by the Valencia Tourist Board.


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  1. Mark H says:

    Its funny that when I first saw the title, I instantly thought of Sydney. But this one is a spectacular modern building.

    • Sherry says:

      The place reminded me a bit of the Sydney Opera house – but I think I was even more surprised because I knew so little about it! Really beautiful complex as a whole.

  2. Steve B says:

    Big fan (obvious reasons) :)

  3. I have not made it to Valencia yet, but I must that building is awesome. I know the Moto GP racing is held in Valencia, is it designed on a motorcycle helmet?

    Regards, Si

    • Sherry says:

      Funny – when I first saw the building I thought it looked like a bike helmet! I don’t know what inspired the design…but it’s one of a kind!

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