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April 2, 2010 9 Comments »

Piggy Back – Lamjung District Nepal

I spent a few weeks volunteering in the remote mountain village of Puma in 2008; an experience that was truly eye opening.    While teaching English in the small village of 40 homes I came to know many of the kids well.  This boy wasn’t old enough for school yet, but he and his grandmother were always hanging around school in hopes of having their picture taken.  This day I obliged them.  Communities like this all around the world don’t have the means to have personal pictures of themselves.   I don’t know that the kids learned much English from me, but I was able to send the people of the village all of the photos I took thereby providing them some recorded memories that would last a lifetime.  Giving back comes in many different forms.

View more Puma village photography or read about my volunteering experience in this remote, leach filled village!

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