Photo of the Week – Mosques of the Middle East

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut dominates the landscape

Just like churches dominate the European landscape, Mosques take the honor in the Middle East.  During my travels in the Middle East this winter I had the chance to visit a few and photograph some of them.  I was rarely let inside the mosques to do photography, but when I was it was a special treat.  I had to go ‘under cover’ in cloak and head-cover which was often provided to me.  In fact, sometimes I was only allowed to go to the women’s prayer area and not allowed to set foot in the main prayer hall.  Regardless I found these mosques interesting and exotic and many were ornate beyond the imagination.  Here’s a few of my favorites from Lebanon, Jordan, and a past trip to Egypt.

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mosque feynan jordan

A small village mosque near Feynan in Jordan

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

View from Mohammad al-Amin Mosque womans prayer room hidden away above the men

mosque in Salt Jordan

Mosque in Salt Jordan


The Koran displayed in the woman's prayer room

Muhammad 'Ali Mosque Cairo

Muhammad 'Ali Mosque Cairo - the view from the floor

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque ceiling

The ornate golden ceiling of the Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in Beirut

Mosque Sunset Jordan

Sunset over the West Bank in Jordan perfectly silhouettes this small village mosque

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut inside

Inside the ornate Mohammad al-Amin Mosque

Saida Lebanon Mosque

The green dome of the Saida mosque in Lebanon

Mohammad al-Amin Mosque and church Beirut

Religious mixture - Mohammad al-Amin Mosque and church in Beirut

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  1. Connie says:

    There is something about mosques, perhaps the looming minarets, that I just adore! They are absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing them, especially in the skyline, which is one of the reasons why I loved living in Istanbul so much!

  2. Oh what a feast for the eyes! I had a similar experience in Penang, Malaysia, where they dressed me in a burkah and let me walk to the edge of the main prayer hall to take photos, however I wasn’t allowed to set foot inside. But it wasn’t half a stunning as the ones you got to photograph.

  3. These pictures are beautiful. You are right, Mosques are very exotic. I especially loved the lights in the view from the floor picture and the ceilings! Simply beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Abigail says:

    Wow these are just gorgeous. The best thing about any type of religious buildings is the attention to detail.

  5. Mark H says:

    I love the architecture of mosques, grandly built with those sweeping minarets.

  6. Theodora says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful Islamic art is, despite — or because of? — the constraints on depicting the natural world. Lovely shots.

  7. T-roy says:

    Sherry you photography is getting so damn GOOD! I so like the first photo and the 7th photo really tricked my eye (loved it), as it made me stop for a minute and really think about how you took that photo. Such a different perspective and tricked the eye! :)

    • Sherry says:

      Thanks so much! It’s amazing how much your style changes when you actually shoot every day! Plus the middle east was so photographic…a joy to be there with my camera!

  8. Rebecca says:

    More fabulous photos Sherry!

  9. Marisol says:

    Hi Sherry,
    Your photos are amazing. I particluar love your image of Muhammad ‘Ali Mosque Cairo. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

  10. Majida says:

    Really like your introduction, love the pictures, my favorites are the ones of the mosque in Egypt. It is a shame, that you were not allowed to set a foot into the main halls of some mosque – a potential to work on! :) going to a mosque or church, try to cover/go as modestly as possible

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