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5 Comments 12 November 2010

Floating Through Fall

The weather forecast in Minnesota this weekend is for snow.  I thought I would give Fall one last hurrah.  This photo was taken on my recent hot air balloon ride near Minneapolis.  The balloon ride was a  present for my birthday last February – but I’m happy I waited till these spectacular fall colors to grace my lens in October!

It was my first hot air balloon ride and it was spectacular, right up until our ‘crash landing’ (the captain called it an ‘engergy disapation landing’…tomato…tomaaato).  We never went very high up which I preferred from a photography standpoint, but when we did come down we were caught in some strange wind sheer, crashed through some tree tops and hit the ground hard and dragging us and our basket full of 5 people along for a ways.  I walked away with some bloody bruised knees and a bit freaked out!  At least I protected my camera!

Here’s the rest of my photos from the spectacular ride slightly hovering above the fields of corn and amber waves of grain!

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  1. Sophie says:

    No wonder Norwegian emigrants chose Minnesota. That top photo looks just like home :)

  2. Kimberly says:

    That looks so wonderful! I have to consider the hot-air balloon ride=) kinda freaky.

  3. Hi! Just found your site through Miss Minimalist. I’m a Minneapolis girl, so was fun to see your photos…it’s all white now! Are you from here or just passing through?


    • admin says:

      Kelly – so happy you found me via Miss Minimalist! I had a lot of fun writing that post. I’m always passing through somewhere…and actually I was just in Minneapolis last week (and for the snow!) and now I’m back in South Dakota visiting family until after Tgiving. I will be back in Minneapolis before heading to NYC and then international again though. I should be there the week after Thanksgiving I believe! I used to actually live and work there about 15 years ago and my sister currently resides there with her family. So it’s a frequent stop for me as it has a bed for me to sleep in! :)

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