Photo of the Week – Leuven Belgium

September 17, 2010 4 Comments »

Leuven's Ornate Town Hall and Square

This week I talked about Brugge as a ultra popular tourist destination in Belgium.  I enjoyed Brugge once I found some quiet neighborhoods on the outskirts of town, but I found other small Belgian town like Leuven even more enticing.  Leuven is home to Belgian’s oldest university.  This population of students brings a creative, vibrant, youthful feel to this small city.  Just a short 30 minute train ride from Brussel, it has a completely different feel than Brussels.  The first thing I noticed were all of the bikes and the next thing I noticed were all of the bars!  After all, Leuven is also the home of internationally known Stella Artois beer.

For this Photo of the week, I chose to show you multiple photos of the ornate city focusing on the buildings around the Grand Place.  This was one of the most beuatiful town halls I saw in all of Belgium!

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Spiritual Reflections

Town Hall

Belgian Rooftop

The Longest 'Bar' in University history?

Grand Place

More Leuven Photography on my Global Photography site

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