Photo of the Week – Langkawi, Malaysia

July 2, 2010 14 Comments »

Unsettled Seas – Langkawi, Malaysia

I did something a bit different this week, I asked you what you wanted to see for Photo of the Week.  Actually, I asked my Twitter followers what they wanted to see this week!  They had the choice of Kids, Action, Landscape, or Gory Photo topics; Landscapes overwhelmingly won out! Never mind the fact that I chose a beachscape as opposed to a landscape shot…

Experience sunny Langkawi, Malaysia.  Tourists flock to the stunning beach in northern Malaysia since Langkawi cheap hotels are easy to find; however even in paradise there are storms.  You can’t escape Mother Nature!  This storm quickly rolled in as I was taking a beach walk.  The waters were full of energy and the sky grew dark; needless to say – it rained pretty hard moments after this shot.

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