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Photo of the Week – China

8 Comments 22 January 2010

On Display

Xi’an China

Home of the Terra Cotta Army.  This one was protected and encased in glass.  I thought it would be really interesting to see the scene through his eyes.

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  1. Kymri says:

    His expression is perfect, as if he wonders as much about us as we do about him.

  2. Jen says:

    Very different perspective! Great idea. I think the look on the soldiers face is very fitting for the photo too!

  3. Dominique says:

    I always like photos like this where the spectators or audience are part of the scene. You sort of wonder what the old soldier might think of scene, don’t you?

    • admin says:

      he’s probably wondering why everyone is holding a box with a flashing light; a strange weapon from his perspective for sure!

  4. Great perspective! :) We got a chance to see China Terra Cotta Army in Atlanta during their tour. It was a great experience but I’m still dreaming of visiting the real site in China.

    • admin says:

      I had no idea they had some on tour in the US! I do hope you get to go see the real thing in Xian one day though…yet as you can see from the picture – it’s packed with tourists – kind of like Disneyworld!

  5. I love that picture – especially the reflection of his face in the glass. Xian was absolutely amazing and is a lifetime must see.

  6. marta says:

    he looks glad to have all the paparazzi’s attention, if it was me i would be probably running away, maybe that’s only because he can’t

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