Photo of the Week – Bethesda Fountain NYC

bethesda fountain central park

Angel of Central Park

This week I arrived back in New York City for a short time to work on Meet Plan Go! planning as well as get my visa paperwork ready for the Mongol Rally.  It’s always nice to get back to my old home.  This photo is of my favorite spot in Central Park – Bethesda Fountain.  This was one of the first places I ever started practicing my photography so it has some special memories to me.  For this day the sun placement was just right as it peeped through her arms to make her even more angelic.

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  1. Linda says:

    Super photo! Love it.

  2. Mark H says:

    Simply stellar photo. Your efforts on the Mongol Rally should bring some superb photography.

    • Sherry says:

      Thanks Mark! I’m really looking forward to doing photography as part of the rally. It will take my mind off of all of the other things that can go wrong!

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