Photo of the Week, Thailand

Photo of the Week – Ao Nang, Thailand

7 Comments 21 May 2010

Paddle Through – Ao Nang, Thailand

While traveling to Thailand solo in Ao Nang, I decided to take a kayak trip and was treated to an adventure of caves and monkeys…and a few bats.  I loved the small town of Ao Nang, a little beachy tourist community that I would have loved to spend a few extra days or weeks in.

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  1. Laura says:

    Where exactly is Ao Nang? Is it near Phuket? I’ll be planning my Thailand leg of my trip in about a month or so and would love any input you may have! Your picture has me tempted to kayak for sure :)

    • admin says:

      Hey Laura, Ao Nang was my jumping off point for Railay Bay and various beaches. Located in the Krabi Provence. I really liked the little town and felt completely comfortable traveling solo there. I had spent some previous days in a bit more seclusion in Railay Bay and found the energy of Ao Nang really nice. I haven’t done many of the beaches in Thailand – but have done Bangkok, and north of course…ask any questions you have!

  2. Mark H says:

    Beautiful photo captures the stillness and sanctity of such a naturally beautiful place. Fine image.

  3. that’s a lovely photo – makes me feel the heat & the coolness of the cave at the same time

    • Sherry says:

      Heather – thanks! I had never thought about the temperature – but it’s totally true – the caves were all dark, damp, and cool – then you’d burst out into the hot, humid sun!

  4. Love this pic, reminds me of my own adventures!

  5. Nice photo, really captures the mood of Sea Kayaking. I’ve never been to Ao Nang in particular, but have been in a few other places in Phang Nga.

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