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Travel Planning Just Got Easier

13 Comments 08 January 2013


Unravel Your Travel

Seven years ago the online world looked pretty different. It was seven years ago when I first started researching my crazy idea to take a career break and travel for a year. As a completely novice traveler, I had no idea where to start in my research or planning, embracing the internet to see what I could find. But Google search results on various travel terms were minimal at that time – there was no such term as “Career Break” and there were few results for “long term travel”. At that time travel blogs and other places where I regularly get my travel information and do research today were non-existent.

In fact think about it – in 2005 did you even know what a blog was? Did you purchase travel regularly online? Probably not.

However in 2005 I did find one site that was my beacon to guide me through the process – BootsnAll. It was an indie travel site with loads of information and forums where I could ask questions. They even had hotlines where you could call people and ask questions about trips. I still remember calling and talking to one of their founders, Chris, about my planning my trip to Kilimangaro.  I used their advice to start booking my trip and became a fan of theirs before we even had the term ‘fan’ in our online vocabulary.

The old Bootsnall BootBus

The old Bootsnall BootBus when Chris and Sean used to drive around to college campuses to get people thinking about independent travel!

Fast forward 7 years later and as fate would have it one of the Co-Founders and CEO of Bootsnall is one of my good friends. In fact, Sean is not only a friend but a business partner in my other website Meet, Plan, Go! Our passion for getting more people to reap the rewards and benefits of travel is what brought us together a couple of years ago and I’m thrilled that my journey has sort of come full circle. He really serves as my mentor in the world of running an online travel media business and for that I’m eternally grateful. He keeps my creative side in check and reminds me to put on a business hat again from time to time.

Sean is a part of my weekly routine as we talk nearly every week about business, ideas, and strategies. Yet it goes beyond business – I’m happy to call him a friend – one that makes me laugh and helps me see my life and the world in different ways. One of the things that I appreciate most about Sean is his straightforward personality and his ability to take risks fueled by a passion for travel. I’ve been able to watch and learn over the last two years as he has led Bootsnall through one of their biggest projects to date, one that will make the life of independent long term travelers much, much easier.

A group picture of the Bootsnall and Meet Plan Go crews in 2011

A group picture of the Bootsnall and Meet Plan Go crews in 2011


Today a new flight booking engine launched thanks to Sean and his team’s vision – Indie Multi-country Flight Finder. It’s an Around the World Airfare Engine and multi-city/country flight finder that allows travelers to get instant prices, with no rules and book online. Surprisingly, this has not been done before. Try to book a trip online (Travelocity, Expedia, or Airtreks), with more than 6 legs. It can’t be done…. until now. In fact – Indie allows you to search and book up to a 25-stop trip yourself, from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

Just stop and think for a moment – if you could book 25 stops around the world – where would you go?!

As someone who books a lot of multistop tickets – I am thrilled to have this on the market now and part of my travel planning tools. I’ve been using the Beta for a while now and am impressed with the visual map based interface, how quickly you can get back price quotes (something that you used to have to wait for days or call travel agents for), and the competitive and often lower prices it finds.

My girlfriend and world traveler/spy, Charlie, just recently gave Indie a ‘test run’ with her crazy 7 stop journey through Europe, Africa, and South America for 2013 and found the following:

“I just played around with the bootsnall search engine and it is really cool. I like it. It would take me from Brussels to Ethopia (then by land) to Tanzania to Cape Town to Buenos Aires to La Paz (by land) to Quito and JFK for like $4000! Not bad. At the first route of playing around with it — I’m impressed. It is super smart and easy to use. I particularly love the function of being able to select certain portion of your flight by land and not have to start another search all together.”

Charlie's multi stop ticket

Charlie’s multi stop ticket

If you are planning extended travel, a career break , or are thinking about an around the world ticket – then I suggest you give Indie a test run. It will provide you with

1) Instant Prices
2) No Rules
3) Online Booking

A ticket can be booked in under 1 hour. You don’t have to travel in one direction. You aren’t limited to a year. There are no mileage limits. To put it simply, there are no rules. A huge change from what “was” back when I was planning my original travels.

Want to learn more about how Indie works?

See how easy it is to use – Start here!

I hope you give it a try on your upcoming travels. I am excited to put Indie in my travel planning arsenal and am equally excited for the team at Bootsnall who after 2 years are celebrating today!

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13 Comments so far

  1. ling says:

    i’m planning my grad trip to usa, where i will stop at hawaii on the way, then fly to chicago and do a loop across usa, ending at seattle to go back to singapore. Just tried this website and i got a few really good prices. If they have a +/- 3 days option, that will be great since I’m pretty flexible with my timings =)

    • Sherry says:

      The flexible setting is a great idea…I’ll see if they ever considered it! Glad you tried it out and liked it. I am really impressed as most of my travel is multistop trips so this makes my life much easier!

    • Sean says:

      G’Day Ling,

      We do have this feature on the roadmap to build and totally agree.

      With so many stops, it is challenging technical problem to solve. This is part of the next step!

      Thanks for the feedback and your trip sounds awesome

  2. Nailah says:

    This looks like a great tool … I’ll have to check it out. I did my second RTW trip last year and used AirTreks to help plan my flights. Overall I was very happy with the service and price. Not sure if you’re familiar with AirTreks but just wondering if I can expect to get similar pricing deals with Indie.

    • Sherry says:

      Yes – Indie should be very competitive with Airtreks – and you can book it all online yourself without have to do phone calls. I also used Airtreks on my original career break travels 6 years ago – but happy to see that we have other choices out there now too!

  3. Marco Fiori says:

    Sounds cool. I generally avoid multi-trip tickets because I like total flexibility, but I know a lot of people who do enjoy this kind of travel. I’ll share this with them!

  4. Utia says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful information Sherry. I already give it a try and seem as user friendly tool.

  5. PêEsse says:

    That’s good news! Can I start a trip anywhere and end it anywhere? Do they take credit cards from every country?

  6. PêEsse says:

    Thanks for your answer, Sherry.

    Now that I’ve first simulations done, I have questions about baggage allowance. Which rules will apply? Those for international flights starting on the credit card billing address country? One rule per each airline? The more restricted rule? The rule of the first airline used?

    These are the kind of information which must be clear. Usually multi-country flights are for long term or RTW trips, which can mean heavy luggage at the end.

    Sorry for making questions here, I couldn’t find a place at Indie’s website for that.

  7. Mark S says:

    I have been reading bootsnall for years but didn’t find it until I started my own site. I like you had to keep looking for places to find information and although forums have a lot of information I still found it difficult to find the kind of information I was looking for. With so many travel sites out there and not many having much information on them so it is always a nice surprise to read things that give good information and not just all fluff. Mark

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