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Kathmandu Photography – People

15 Comments 15 April 2010

Kathmandu is a great place to photograph people.  Most locals are excited to have their photo taken if you ask their permission.  However I prefer catching them in their daily activities as opposed to posed shots.

Nepalese!  Old, young, sleeping, working, spiritual, and happy – a broad spectrum of the people of Nepal.

Rickshaw business can be slow, so naps are frequent

Enjoying the morning with a smile

Gazing over the square

Peanut vendor waits for some customers

The Godfather look...

Colorful Sadhu roams the neighborhood

The morning news is displayed and read in the public square

Commuting through the back alleys of Kathmandu

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15 Comments so far

  1. What a great set of pictures! I love that you capture various faces of people of Kathmandu. I especially love the mother and son photo. Lovely!

  2. GotPassport says:

    I agree with Amy. Really enjoyed the photos. Thank you for sharing them! My first time commenting here on your blog!! :-) Will be back more often!

  3. I wonder how long the peanut vendor can sit in that position? Really like the photos, and the colors in the picture of the Sadhu!

  4. Laura says:

    Love these photos Sherry!

  5. Sonya says:

    A lovely, charming photo essay of the people of Kathmandu!

  6. Sherry: These are my favorite kind of shots. Landscapes and temples are all beautiful, but nothing tells the story of a country more than photos of people doing everyday things. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  7. Love seeing the photos of faces – there’s a lot of sitting around going on

  8. Mark H says:

    Your people photos are superb. I wish I stopped more in my travels to photograph people but I feel uncomfortable doing so. As Barbara said, they capture the place in so much detail really highlighting the spirit and heart of a town or location.

  9. stinger.. says:

    First of all, Thanks for publishin d pictures to d camera man..but u should also publish d natural pictures of Nepal..i m so sad to find dat u only published proverty pics of Nepal…

    • admin says:

      Stinger – sorry that you feel that way – but I honestly never thought of these photos as just being poverty pictures – in fact I believe they show a pretty average subset of Nepalese. Many times we don’t get access to the locals outside of tourists areas.

  10. Yuli says:


    I love your work, such a good job.
    I like the shot of colourful sadhu and resting rickshaw… :)

  11. Pallavi says:

    Glad to see my city with your lenses…. :)

  12. Nik Hisham says:

    Lovely pics. Do you have any advice for people photography in Kathmandu? Do you need to ask for permission or engage them to some extent, or are they accepting of a photographer snapping away? Am making a trip there in December just for the photography and much looking forward to it. Thanks.

    • Sherry says:

      My advice is always ask – it’s easy – even if you don’t speak the language. Just point to your camera and ask “photo?”. I found most people in Kathmandu to be very open to having their photo taken. Make sure you show it to them afterward – instead of walking away. Plus – in my opinion – if you ask their permission – you’ll always have the better photo rather than taking a photo when someone isn’t really engaging with you.

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