Good Timing – Copenhagen in Pictures

Rosenborg castle picture

Locals soak up the sun outside near the Rosenborg Castle – an old summer house for royalty now in the center of the city. The clouds were perfectly place for me at this moment to evoke a fairy tale like feeling.

I arrived in Copenhagen having done no real prior research about the place except for how to get to my hostel from the train station.  To my surprise, as got out of the subway and started walking down the street towards my hostel address suddenly there was a crowd of people gathering in front of a gate directly in my path.  A police officer was directing traffic and stopped me from passing.  I stood there with my big pack on my front and back slightly annoyed and then I saw them coming – a beautiful row of soldiers marching in perfect unison emerging from what I came to learn was the Rosenborg Castle complex.  They passed by me, and marched directly out on the street.  I continued to follow them along the sidewalk and I watched as the group of them stopped for stoplights and cars went by them as if this was an everyday occurrence   I had no idea who they were or why they were marching, or where they were going – but all of a sudden I felt as if Copenhagen had given me the best welcome possible.  Luckily – even though I was loaded down with luggage, I was able to find my phone and snap a few pictures.  It was unexpected, interesting, and suddenly I found myself excited about what else the city had to offer – how else could it surprise me?

Sometimes life if about good timing – and certainly many times photography is all about good timing.  Wether it’s the sun in the exact perfect position, tbe perfectly placed clouds, the schedule of events, getting the shot when there is a split second of no tourists in my frame – it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. For 3 days I walked around the city photographing the scenes in front of me – some historic, some obscure, some surprising – but most had to do with good timing.

Copenhagen changing of the guards

I later found out that what I observed when arriving was the daily ritual of the changing of the Danish Royal Guards.  Talk about great timing!

Botanical Garden Copenhagen

A greenhouse at the Botanical Garden and Museum in the heart of Copenhagen. Denmark’s largest collection of living plants…and the occasional wispy cloud.  A typically tourist filled area meant I had to wait for the right moment.


Copenhagen Botanical Garden and Park

Lake at the Botanical Garden and Museum.  Capturing an interaction in a split second can be one of the most challenging things in travel photography.


Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace – where the royal family resides – and normally tons of tourists roaming about.


Dutch Royal Guard

A Danish Royal Guard stands watch outside the Amalienborg Palace


Copenhagen  opera house

The opera house of Copenhagen designed to be somewhat like a cargo ship – a nod to Denmark’s shipping history.


Copenhagen Nyhavn Port

Nyhavn Port – beautiful old architecture and history.


Church of our Savior copenhagen

Church of our Savior in Copenhagen framed by spindly trees



The sun peaking through one of the many towers in the city.


Copenhagen canal

Copenhagen is surprisingly  filled with canals !


Church of our Savior

The staircase of Church of our Savior frames up the view well!



One of many fountains in Copenhagen. The sun provides a perfect spotlight!



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  1. I can tell you stayed at Generator 😉 I also spent a lot of time near Rosenborg Castle, because is was SO close by and also SO gorgeous.

  2. Kirk Horsted says:

    Hi Sherry! You make me grin; you make me weep…as I remember my precious days there last summer. Thanks so much for sharing such GREAT SHOTS! May I share just a few of my own??? : )

  3. Poul Brix says:

    Hey Sherry,
    Great photos and you clearly had a great time, it makes me want go back, I used to live in Copenhagen when I was in the Army BUT I could not help to notice you wrote “Dutch” guards on one of the image titles! I can assure you they are very much Danish guards 😉
    Cheers, Poul

  4. A gorgeous series of photos, Sherry!

  5. Wynne says:

    Fabulous shots – makes me want to add it to my long list of destinations!

  6. Great photos, as always! I love the diversity in terms of vantage points and composition.

  7. Love these! We’re getting ready to move to CPH at the end of July and these are making us even more excited to get there! I also bookmarked your post on the hostel and travel tips for the visitors I have a feeling that will be cycling through! Glad to hear you had a great time – AK

  8. Barbara says:

    What a fascinating place to visit! Your images have really captured it well.

  9. Dan says:

    Awesome photos!

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