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ASUS Padfone X Giveaway

39 Comments 05 September 2014

Here for the contest? Scroll down to the bottom and sign up to win! Since I live out of a suitcase, my life is all about efficiency and minimalism when it comes to what I carry with me. For years now I’ve been looking longingly at people carrying their little tablets on the plane, they [...]

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Samsung Galaxy SIII

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Smart Changes for Travel Blogging

19 Comments 27 November 2012

I learned early on in my IT career, you must be willing to change – else you will be left behind. My work as a travel blogger has changed immensely over the last 3 years – in fact – this field moves at light speed sometimes when it comes to everything one must keep up [...]

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camera gear

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Go Go Gadget!

15 Comments 01 November 2012

What traveler doesn’t like gadgets and techie things? To prep for my upcoming travels – I had to do some serious tech shopping during my time in NYC. I went to the most dangerous spot in the city – B&H Camera – a place I can’t leave without dropping some serious money. Low Light I [...]

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mongol rally stickers

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Hurray for our Mongol Rally Sponsors!

2 Comments 03 October 2011

I may never win an Oscar, Emmy, or even a Bloggie, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t give an acceptant speech. So – here goes; we couldn’t have made it to the Mongol Rally finish line without the support of our amazing sponsors. We utilized each and every one of them during our journey [...]

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Hot Pocket – Wireless Internet Anywhere

7 Comments 25 July 2011

I’ve been walking around London all last week with a hot pocket…literally.  I’ve been carrying my Tep wireless hotspot device in my pocket as I ride the tube, visit Greenwich, the London Eye, Borough Market, Brick Lane, museums, and friends.  The Tep device was a life-saver providing me a constant dose of internet access, which [...]

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Lighten Your Load with Sony Reader

2 Comments 12 April 2011

One of the hardest things about constantly traveling and living a nomadic life is the fact that everything you own you must carry.  This really cuts down on my shopping and actually helps me save money.  Every time I look at that colorful scarf, or cool new camera equipment I immediately think…but I have to [...]

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Saying goodbye…

16 Comments 06 July 2010

In Memorandum – Saying goodbye to a dear friend My throat immediately tightened and my swallowing became slow and laborious. I could feel the familiar sting in my eyes and my abdominal muscles contracting into a knot. I was going to cry; dammit, I was going to cry! I tried to hold back the tears, [...]

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Travel Gear

Travel in Style and Save the Environment

3 Comments 28 June 2010

Is your travel gear hurting the environment? Next time you are in line at airport security take a look around you.  How many people have those little zip lock bags with their fluids tightly tucked away inside?  Are YOU carrying a zip lock bag?  Do you keep the plastic bag and reuse it after the [...]

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