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Travel Planning Just Got Easier

13 Comments 08 January 2013

  Seven years ago the online world looked pretty different. It was seven years ago when I first started researching my crazy idea to take a career break and travel for a year. As a completely novice traveler, I had no idea where to start in my research or planning, embracing the internet to see [...]

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Samsung Galaxy SIII

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Smart Changes for Travel Blogging

19 Comments 27 November 2012

I learned early on in my IT career, you must be willing to change – else you will be left behind. My work as a travel blogger has changed immensely over the last 3 years – in fact – this field moves at light speed sometimes when it comes to everything one must keep up [...]

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Panoramic Lana’i

16 Comments 09 November 2012

  I’ve had ten days on the little (virtually unknown) island of Lana’i in Hawaii.  So unknown that Lonely Planet doesn’t even have a section on it’s website about it!  I’ve been breaking in my new Gallaxy SIII smartphone at the same time as part of this trip.  And what better place than this unique [...]

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Stay Connected – Travel with a Kindle

15 Comments 18 October 2011

I found a new piece of travel gear this summer which I’ll never leave home without any longer. As I raced through the Mongol Rally, my new Amazon Kindle was probably my most used travel gear after my camera. I used it constantly, yet I never finished a book during the whole 5 weeks of [...]

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Hot Pocket – Wireless Internet Anywhere

7 Comments 25 July 2011

I’ve been walking around London all last week with a hot pocket…literally.  I’ve been carrying my Tep wireless hotspot device in my pocket as I ride the tube, visit Greenwich, the London Eye, Borough Market, Brick Lane, museums, and friends.  The Tep device was a life-saver providing me a constant dose of internet access, which [...]

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Gobi Desert

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How Wide is your Love?

29 Comments 23 November 2010

I’m happy to announce – I’m in love!  My heart is all a flutter, I’m wearing a permanant grin, and when I see the pictures – I can hardly contain myself! I’m in love with my wide angle lens! I used to travel with two lenses a portrait lens 17 to 55mm and a telephoto [...]

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Building an Empire – One Day at a Time

9 Comments 15 June 2010

When I was a kid I used to have a vivid imagination and would always beg people to play in my imaginary world.  I would play library, school teacher, office (my personal favorite); I think I was a natural builder of empires, whether they be books, homework, or filing. However, recently I’ve had the pleasure [...]

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Creating an Effective Travel Blog + Contest!

12 Comments 04 February 2010

I recently realized that I have been without a ‘typical’ job now for longer than I’ve ever held a job at a particular company – 3 ½ years. My typical length at an employer was about 3 years before I would move on and up. I’ve been traveling and  blogging now for 3 ½ years; [...]

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