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Sleepless in India – It’s Real Now

20 Comments 20 March 2014

It’s 4:11 am and I’m awake. This wouldn’t be horrible except I went to bed at 1 am. Jetlag is something that comes with traveling, yet I have to believe this is more than jetlag, it’s anxiety and nerves. As the minutes of darkness roll on, I gradually hear the streets become filled with noise [...]

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tap water

India, Inside My Head

Crazy is Beautiful

5 Comments 13 March 2014

It’s so easy. We turn on a facet and there is water. Clean water gurgling through the pipes and tap. We go to our refrigerator and water and ice come out of the door. We turn on our shower, we flush the toilet, use a public water fountain – access to water is everywhere. Just [...]

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Beloren Ruins lycian way

Inside My Head, Solo, Solo Travel, Turkey

Unwanted Advances Along the Lycian Way

16 Comments 25 February 2014

I squinted my eyes and peered out onto the bush filled mountain searching for the trail. “Look, do you see it?” he said as he placed his hand on my knee. “The trail is right here.” Pointing across my body. I still couldn’t really see it but decided to fake it since it would bring [...]

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school locker

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Sherry Ott’s Day Off

10 Comments 18 February 2014

“Hello Ms. Ott.” A group of kids said to me as we passed by each other. As I continued to walk down the path I looked around and saw a group of students on the campus lawn basking in the warm Hawaiian sun, suddenly they started waving at me and yelling “Hello!”. I returned the [...]

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heart of ice

Inside My Head, Solo

Love – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

20 Comments 14 February 2014

I have been fighting against the system my whole adult life. I have never bought a house/real estate, have never married, don’t have any kids, left my corporate career for something different, and don’t even have a home. I never know if I’m cursed or blessed with living a life outside the box. I was [...]

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birthday donation

Featured, Inside My Head

What I NEED for my Birthday Today

7 Comments 12 February 2014

I’m turning 44 years old today – something I normally try not to publicize.  In fact there are so many candles to put on my cake, someone better have some water ready to put it out!  But this year is different.  This year I’m throwing my birthday out there for all to see, hear, and [...]

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Iolani School Keables Chair

America, Featured, Inside My Head, Life

Heading Back to the Office

17 Comments 22 January 2014

I read the schedule of presentations I was doing and then noticed something foreign on the list – “Office Hours”. I -  the woman who left the office 7 ½ years ago – was going to have office hours. Well this was a strange twist in my ever-evolving life. It was the last day of [...]

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Adventure Travel, Featured, India, Inside My Head

Get Ready for the Rickshaw Run

12 Comments 06 January 2014

“We do cool shit.” I said to Charlie as a smile formed on my face. She smiled and nodded in agreement. It felt good to be planning an adventure again. That’s right – a real heart stopping, insane, epic, adventure. One which I have no idea if we’ll make it, what will happen, what will [...]

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