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Middle Eastern Oddities

21 Comments 14 April 2011

The big billboard ad looming over the highway read “Expect the unexpected” as a man in camouflage held a shiny rifle and smiled at the cars passing by below. I thought to myself – I hope this is advertising hunting, but quite frankly in the Middle East I’m not quite sure – anything goes! My [...]

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Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

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Photo of the Week – Mosques of the Middle East

12 Comments 25 March 2011

Just like churches dominate the European landscape, Mosques take the honor in the Middle East.  During my travels in the Middle East this winter I had the chance to visit a few and photograph some of them.  I was rarely let inside the mosques to do photography, but when I was it was a special [...]

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Middle Eastern Visitation Rights

24 Comments 22 March 2011

I sat on the formal couch and listened to the Arabic words swirling around me; lightening fast and coming from every direction. I looked at the people surrounding me and took note of their gestures and facial expressions. I tried to piece together the puzzle of what was being said, but I knew that was [...]

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hand door knocker

Jordan, Lebanon, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – Look at those Knockers

16 Comments 11 March 2011

While traveling throughout the Middle East I saw many doors graced with hands.  However I never really got the full story on the hand knockers.  Some people say it’s the Hand of Fatima and it’s supposed to protect your home from evil.  However one of my favorite explanations was that the hands knockers were either [...]

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prayer beads

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Photo of the Week – Yella Jordan

7 Comments 25 February 2011

Yella means “Let’s Go!” in Arabic – a favorite word of mine.  This Friday I have a few last remaining nuggets of photo goodness from Jordan.  I’m moving on from Jordan…next stop Lebanon!  However, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from Jordan which speak to the culture, landscape, and experiences of [...]

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cars traffic

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Paperwork Around the World

7 Comments 24 February 2011

While in Jordan I saw all of the main tourist sites, but I also had an opportunity to get off the beaten path with my local host family. I had the opportunity to see a place few foreigners have seen; In fact, I am willing to bet that no foreigner besides expats have been there [...]

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Privacy Statement

34 Comments 22 February 2011

We had been driving for about an hour, and that’s when he finally asked me what he wanted to know. “Cherry, I want to ask you question – private question.  Is ok?” I knew exactly where this private question was going; I would have bet what little I have on what was going to come [...]

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Jordan, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – Wadi Musa, Jordan

5 Comments 18 February 2011

I’ve taken a lot of pictures of people around the world.  But this young man surprised me.  He was the first who actually had a sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to show it to the camera.  I was shocked when I looked through the lens and saw him ‘pose’ for his picture which he [...]

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