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Middle Eastern Oddities

April 14, 2011 21 Comments »

Everything has a little bit of crazy....

The big billboard ad looming over the highway read “Expect the unexpected” as a man in camouflage held a shiny rifle and smiled at the cars passing by below. I thought to myself – I hope this is advertising hunting, but quite frankly in the Middle East I’m not quite sure – anything goes! My […]

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Photo of the Week – Yella Jordan

February 25, 2011 7 Comments »

prayer beads

Yella means “Let’s Go!” in Arabic – a favorite word of mine.  This Friday I have a few last remaining nuggets of photo goodness from Jordan.  I’m moving on from Jordan…next stop Lebanon!  However, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from Jordan which speak to the culture, landscape, and experiences of […]

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Paperwork Around the World

February 24, 2011 7 Comments »

cars traffic

While in Jordan I saw all of the main tourist sites, but I also had an opportunity to get off the beaten path with my local host family. I had the opportunity to see a place few foreigners have seen; In fact, I am willing to bet that no foreigner besides expats have been there […]

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Privacy Statement

February 22, 2011 34 Comments »


We had been driving for about an hour, and that’s when he finally asked me what he wanted to know. “Cherry, I want to ask you question – private question.  Is ok?” I knew exactly where this private question was going; I would have bet what little I have on what was going to come […]

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