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The Maltese Cross

April 18, 2014 7 Comments »

maltese cross

Easter will be celebrated in many parts of the world this weekend. I am finishing up the Rickshaw Run in India this weekend and will be celebrating for many reasons I hope. One of the main symbols of Easter is the cross, so I decided to highlight an unusual cross found in the country of […]

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European Cultural Oddities

July 12, 2012 44 Comments »

clothes hang on a line in Italy

Travel in Europe for me is pretty easy compared to the rest of the world. However – easy should not be confused with uninteresting. Europe challenges me to dig deeper, look harder, observe more to find the subtle cultural differences that exist between European culture and my own.. I sometimes feel like my magic super […]

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Sliema Photo Walk

March 23, 2012 6 Comments »


During my two weeks in Malta I stayed in the charming neighborhood of Sliema. It was a perfect location to get out and see the rest of the island via the extensive, albeit slow, bus system. Its best asset is its promenade, which was recently developed and winds like a ribbon around the twisting inlets […]

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A Day in Malta's Three Cities

March 16, 2012 45 Comments »


If you have something that everyone wants, then you better protect it; especially if it’s the 16th century and you have the Ottoman Empire salivating at getting revenge. The little island of Malta was a strategic point that has attracted a myriad of nations and tyrants through history. Malta has something that everyone wants – […]

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