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Rome Then and Now

August 30, 2012 19 Comments »

1956 Italians entering the Vatican

My parents recently did a European trip which included Germany and Italy. They had a great time and enjoyed all of the cities and sites…except Rome. This was really surprising since I find Rome to be one of the coolest cities in Europe. How could anyone think that Rome – a city with so much […]

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An Island of the Dead

May 4, 2012 10 Comments »

cemetery cross

If Venice is named the Floating City, then Cimitero San Michele should be named the Floating Dead.  Yes, it sounds eerie, but cemeteries can also be quite beautiful and moving to visit.  The Cimitero di San Michele has no shortage of moving stories and images.  The only way to get to it is via boat.  […]

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Shopping at the Rialto Market

May 3, 2012 6 Comments »

blood red orange

The Rialto Market is buzzing with activity; boats pull up to docks and burly men unload crates of blood red oranges and artichokes, locals laugh and socialize with the shop keepers, and the fish mongers scale and prepare the fresh catches of the day.  This is the main market for locals on the island of […]

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Secret Politics in Venice

May 1, 2012 7 Comments »

Doges Palace

Put the word “secret” in front of anything and you’ll get people’s attention. It congers up thoughts of voyeurism, hushed tones, sneaking around, mafia, politics, and religion. Putting the words “Doge’s Palace” behind it creates even more allure…that is if you know what the Doge’s Palace is. If you’ve set foot in Venice, then you’ve […]

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Gondolas – Photo Documentary

April 27, 2012 17 Comments »


They are everywhere you look in Venice; you will spot them by their blue stripes and spastic leg movements.  Some of them even have a special song they sing.  However, they are quite rare as only about 400 of them exist in the wild…the wilds of Venice that is. Gondoliers maneuvering their sleek, black gondolas […]

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Naples Photography

April 20, 2012 13 Comments »

glass roof

I never spent longer than 30 minutes in Naples prior to this trip; however that 30 minutes did yield one of he scariest cab rides I’ve ever taken! Since Bethany and I were on a quest to have the best pizza in Naples, we got to spend more then 30 minutes in Naples this time. […]

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