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Riding the Rail Pass in Europe

11 Comments 28 May 2013

The train gently rocked back and forth, I spread out in my first class seat, plugged in my electronics, and enjoyed the complementary coffee that the steward brought me. Now this is the way to travel in Europe. No busy airports, security, or check-in. I simply got on the 1st class train car, found a [...]

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Girlfriend Getaway Month

5 Comments 07 May 2013

“What – you’ve never heard someone make trumpet sounds out of the side of their mouth before?” She said with an accusing tone. “Um…no” I answered – and then smiled and went back to working on my writing. However at this point I was distracted with thoughts of the silly Lisa Lubin and her trumpet [...]

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Abandoned Medicine – Beelitz Heilstätten

9 Comments 03 May 2013

The trees limbs were heavy with freshly fallen snow providing a peaceful backdrop on this entirely eerie place. I had made my way outside of Berlin to the little community of Beelitz on this snowy Easter weekend to photograph Beelitz Heilstätten, a sanatorium for tuberculosis treatment methods in the early 20th century. In 1898 Beelitz [...]

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Berlin U bahn

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Berlin Transportation – The Honor System

18 Comments 02 May 2013

I walk down the stairs and hear the familiar sound of the Berlin Ubahn arriving on the tracks below – I instinctively pick up my pace and start to race down the stairs, around the corner, down a final set of stairs and slip into the Ubahn before the doors slide shut! It’s days like [...]

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The Future of Tempelhof Airport

7 Comments 30 April 2013

A blanket of snow covered the vast, flat runway – there would be no planes taking off today. Actually – there will be no planes taking off from Tempelhof airport ever again. The famous airport that was used during world wars and the cold war was shut down in 2008 – but it’s legacy lives [...]

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Spy vs Spy

9 Comments 26 April 2013

The simple 3 letter word – spy – always conjures up adventurous stories. imagination, and occasionally a martini and a bikini.  While in Berlin, I was able to turn my imagination into reality when I went to go visit the famous spy station Teufelsberg at one of the highest points in Berlin.  The high point [...]

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Sauerbraten 4 Ways in Berlin

12 Comments 25 April 2013

One of the best things about Berlin is the vast amount of ethnic food choices you have in the city. However – what about the German food – where is it hiding? I’m happy to tell you that I found it – Sauerbraten and spätzle! I was so happy I felt like polka dancing – [...]

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Finding the Hip Local Restaurants in Berlin

3 Comments 19 April 2013

  As the 4 of us walked through the neighborhood streets of Prenzlauerberg and Mitte in Berlin chatting excitedly about restaurants, dating, and life in Berlin I felt a little Sex in the City nostalgia coming on. It had been a while since I had this feeling in my travels – it was comfortable – [...]

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