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Eat with Locals in Brussels

July 25, 2013 18 Comments »

beer and food pairing brussels

“Don’t bring anything and don’t show up early unless you want to cook.” These were the only real rules I received after I booked my bookalokal Beer and Food group dinner in Brussels. Evelyn, our hostess, welcomed us at the door. My stomach woke up as I smelled the aroma of a big dinner cooking […]

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Cast of Cooking Characters

July 23, 2013 5 Comments »

Artisinal Chefs

I read the itinerary as if it were a theater program – the show was all about how 3 women and two tour guides were on a quest to learn about and taste artisanal recipes and local delicacies of Wallonia. They would wind around the little river towns and valleys stopping at farms along the […]

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Lucky Me Lucky You

July 18, 2013 71 Comments »


This is the story of luck. Not just my luck, it also has to do with your luck. Sometimes I get lucky. The travel Gods shine down upon me and give me a friendly hand, but this time they shined down upon me and gave me a trip to Belgium. Last fall I submitted this […]

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A New Look in Liege

May 30, 2013 10 Comments »


The first time I passed through the Liege train station, I was stunned. I looked out my train window and saw curved iron beams, symmetry, and bright sunlight – unike any train station in Europe I had ever been to. However this was not a planned stop for me, so we pulled away as I […]

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First Stop – Brussels

July 29, 2011 5 Comments »

brussels grand place

We sped off from the Festival of Slow and drove a long day through 3 countries  – UK, France, and Belgium.  We were invited to stay with my friends Alison and Andrew from the Expat blog Cheeseweb in Brussels that night.  Boy of boy did they put on a big welcome for us! First of […]

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A Month in Belgium

October 14, 2010 10 Comments »

Why did I go to Brussels this summer? Was it the beer, chocolate, frites or waffles? No. Was it the history? No. The architecture? No. It was for those 3 furballs above… Briefcase to Backpack just covered how to travel with pets…but I was actually traveling to take care of pets. As you would expect, […]

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A Tale of Two Waffles

October 7, 2010 22 Comments »

The great waffle debate - Brussels vs. Liege

Back when I had a kitchen, I owned a waffle maker. Waffles have made it into American kitchen culture, but do you know where they originated? The tiny country of Belgium; hence the beloved Belgian waffle. When I traveled to Belgium this summer I was excited to do my share of tastings of Belgian waffles, […]

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