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How to Experience Wiener Schnitzel

14 Comments 24 May 2012

Did you ever have a meal you didn’t want to end? I find myself cutting my schnitzel in smaller and smaller pieces, chewing slower, savoring every bite. It isn’t just the food I am trying to slow down – it is the atmosphere. After all, it is as if time stood still in Cafe Pruckel. […]

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Composing In Vienna

1 Comment 22 May 2012

It hits me like a bolt. In this city that has created so many works of art and melodies, why don’t I stop fighting it and do what I desperately want to do – create. I’ve been running all over Vienna trying to see friends and accomplish the ‘must-do’s cliché experiences. But at this moment […]

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Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna

12 Comments 18 May 2012

Schoenbrunn Palace and Gardens in Vienna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most popular tourist attraction in the city.  Easy to access, you are able to take the subway directly to Schoenbrunn and once you step out of the subway, the palace is hard to miss.  In the world of the Habsburgs monarchy, size […]

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Waltzing in Vienna

6 Comments 17 May 2012

I sat in the waiting room fidgeting, trying to smooth out my sweater, making sure I sat up straight, and looked as lady-like as possible in my skinny jeans and worn out travel shoes. The young kids working at the reception wore suits and dresses and they politely offered me a seat. I had tried […]

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