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Composing In Vienna

May 22, 2012 1 Comment »


It hits me like a bolt. In this city that has created so many works of art and melodies, why don’t I stop fighting it and do what I desperately want to do – create. I’ve been running all over Vienna trying to see friends and accomplish the ‘must-do’s cliché experiences. But at this moment […]

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Waltzing in Vienna

May 17, 2012 6 Comments »


I sat in the waiting room fidgeting, trying to smooth out my sweater, making sure I sat up straight, and looked as lady-like as possible in my skinny jeans and worn out travel shoes. The young kids working at the reception wore suits and dresses and they politely offered me a seat. I had tried […]

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Culture in a Cup

May 15, 2012 6 Comments »

coffee with milk

I’m never drawn to the proper side of life, I prefer the messy – yet something was drawing me into the sophisticated side of Vienna. The aroma of coffee and music of Mozart being played on the piano in the background must have put a spell on me. Or maybe it was the dour faced […]

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Vienna Travel Tips

May 10, 2012 16 Comments »


I had never really considered Vienna before, however upon reading an article by Andrew McCarthy in National Geographic last fall, it came onto my radar. He wrote, “I have arrived in Vienna with a simple plan: to live as local a life as possible. Instead of discovering this famously imperial city from the comforts and […]

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