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Photo of the Week – Tokyo

15 Comments 26 February 2010

Tokyo, Japan – Vending Machine Blurs In Tokyo you can find practically anything in vending machines – they are high tech!  Walking down the street you’ll find them lined up pimping the familiar and not so familiar!   Can you imagine buying beer or sake from a vending machine? View Additional Tokyo Photography

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Budget Tokyo

1 Comment 18 December 2007

View Tokyo Photography View Tsukiji Fish Market Photography View Tokyo snapshots Since I only had 4 days in Tokyo, and little money left for traveling, I had a challenge – how do you stay in Tokyo on a budget. After months of living a simple life – I think I was up to the challenge. The first big [...]

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Fishy Business – Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

3 Comments 15 December 2007

For all Tsukiji Market Photography – click here! The alarm went off at 2:45AM – I got up disoriented and thought…why do I do this to myself? Yet as my eyes adjusted to the overhead light, and I got up off of my floor mat, I reminded myself that this was the whole purpose of [...]

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Underbelly of Tokyo

3 Comments 11 December 2007

For the ‘best of’ Tokyo Photography – click here! For snapshots of the subway – click here! There are 32 million people living in Tokyo. 8 Million of them ride the subway every day. That turns into about 3,000 people on each train. No wonder why most of the time you feel like a sardine [...]

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Lost in Transition – Tokyo

3 Comments 10 December 2007

For the ‘best of’ Tokyo Photography -click here! For all snapshots of Day 1 in Tokyo – click here! This is it – the last stop before I hit the US, one last hurrah – and I chose to do it completely on my own…solo…what I want to do, when I want to do it. [...]

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