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Remembering Antarctica

20 Comments 20 December 2013

Have you ever had a trip that ruined you? One that was so good that once it was finished you never felt another place could live up to it or bring you this feeling again? That was Antarctica for me. Exactly one year ago I was in Antarctica experiencing my trip of a lifetime with [...]

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Antarctica, Featured, Photo Documentaries

Ice Patterns

5 Comments 08 February 2013

Antarctica must be Mother Nature’s playground – her creative side.  I imagine it to be her artist loft as she uses the materials of water, ice, snow, the sun, and wind to make artistic masterpieces that satisfy her left brain.  Her color palette was soothing shades of  vivid royal blue, aqua, turquoise, inky black, or a steely [...]

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Join a Webinar About My Antarctica Travels

No Comments 02 February 2013

Here’s your chance to learn more about my travels with my father to Antarctica via a free Webinar hosted by ExpeditionTrips and G Adventures on February 13th at 6PM Eastern.  Both my father and I will be on the webinar so that you can get first hand live answers about what it’s like to cruise to Antarctica [...]

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Antarctica Wildlife Sightings

12 Comments 01 February 2013

Don’t be fooled – you are entering their world.  They own this part of the globe, and maybe that’s why it’s so special.  It may be one of the last places on earth where man hasn’t taken over.  A world where humans are not the center of attention – that’s exactly what draws me here. [...]

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Far away from the civilization

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10 Reasons You Should Kayak in Antarctica

8 Comments 31 January 2013

It’s not as if you really needed any reasons – but just for the fun of it – 10 reasons to kayak in Antarctica. Bonus! -> I will even add an 11th reason – kayaking in Antarctica provides great dinner conversation every night on the boat. Nearly every table I was at talked about kayaking [...]

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antarctica pictures

Antarctica, Featured, Photo Documentaries

Mother Nature is in Charge

11 Comments 25 January 2013

Julio’s voice whispers in my ear, “The time is 7AM….”, my brain sputters to life and awakens slowly as Julio continues – his whisper now turns louder as my brain engages on his words and my eyes flutter open and try to focus. I look around my cabin slightly disoriented trying to remember where I [...]

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Drake Lake

Antarctica, Inside My Head

The Drake Symphony

4 Comments 24 January 2013

Glasses and plates rattle like the percussion section. The boat crashes back down onto the water with a boom of a base drum. The constant hum and rumble of the engines provide the melody. And occasionally you’ll hear a wave crash against the boat with a swishing noise in a completely different key. As I [...]

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Vernadsky Base Antarctica


5 Surprising Things You Can Do on Antarctica

5 Comments 22 January 2013

“Welcome to Antarctica!” the voice in front of me boomed. Surprised to hear the sentence verbalized for me, a wave of excitement rolled through my body. A hand was extended out to me and I instinctively grabbed it in the ‘sailor grip’ that we were taught on the ship. It felt like I was moving [...]

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