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A Little Vacation from Vietnam

2 Comments 29 December 2008

Hong Kong New Year!

I heard the announcement, “Luggage service will commence a 4:30” over the loudspeaker as I looked around at the people starting to pile up around the luggage carousels. I was at the Hong Kong airport yesterday when the baggage handlers decided to go on strike, causing a myriad of issues at one the world’s largest airports.

I had just made it through immigration and went to look for my luggage, when I arrived at the carousel it promptly stopped and I heard that message. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I knew that it probably wasn’t going to get solved quickly, so I sat on the floor and waited. Waiting is something I’m used to in Vietnam, so this didn’t seem like a stressful situation for me even though in all rights it probably should have been! Two hours later my luggage arrived, by then I had graded some school papers, made friends with the people around me and generally sat there and waited rather content with my new found patience.

I stayed in HCMC for Christmas last week; I paid my dues and stayed there alone for the holiday and worked, so now it is time to have fun. I’m meeting one of my dear friends, Veronique, in Hong Kong for New Years. Last time I saw Veronique was in NYC when I left; I had a million other things on my mind trying to get ready to leave, so this time I’m ready to actually kick back and enjoy myself; food, drink, art, shopping (well, window shopping!), public transportation…I’m in heaven! I’m staying at my friend Lynn’s home and enjoying her REAL Christmas tree; it actually feels like the holidays here.

I started today by going on a 5 mile run in this wonderful cool weather (60 degrees) enjoying the views of the skyline. I have a love for this city much like my old love of San Francisco – it’s stunning. It’s NYC and San Francisco molded into one with an Asian flair; I’m determined to live here one day. However, for now I’m content just visiting my friends and soaking it all in.

Happy 2009!

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  1. Rebekah Nichols says:

    Sherry- reading the beginning of this post about your new found patience makes me think that not only can you take the girl out of New York- you can take New York out of the girl!!! Congratulations on finding the strength and serenity that comes with patience. Now perhaps you can tell me where you found them and I can go have a look for them myself!

  2. Rebekah Nichols says:

    PS- Where are those photos!?!

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