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10 Reasons You Should Kayak in Antarctica

8 Comments 31 January 2013

It’s not as if you really needed any reasons – but just for the fun of it – 10 reasons to kayak in Antarctica.

Bonus! -> I will even add an 11th reason – kayaking in Antarctica provides great dinner conversation every night on the boat. Nearly every table I was at talked about kayaking – people mainly wanted to know what it was about and what we saw when we were out.  So – if you want to be the center of dinner conversation, then consider kayaking!

The group kayaked 33.38 nautical miles on our trip and I participated in 23.7 of those miles.  Yet addmittingly I didn’t paddle as much as my partner considering someone had to take the video footage!   Our guides and staff were great at taking safety into account considering the weather can change pretty rapidly.  In fact in the video the couple who capsized their kayak volunteered to do so.  The kayaking team used it as a safety drill and were quick to get them out of the water.

I think I can pretty safely say that Antarctica must be one of the most beautiful places to kayak in the world.

Where else would you like to go kayaking?  Please share in the comments!

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  1. Angela says:

    I love the camaraderie involved in sports like kayaking, scuba diving, snowboarding… Although you’re sharing in the experience with others, you’re unable to speak about it afterwards. Love that dinner table buzz! One day, I hope to heed your advice and kayak in Antartica.

  2. Kelly D < :) says:

    I have always wanted to kayak with the orcas in the Pugent Sound …just north of Seattle :)

  3. Jason Hill says:

    Brave souls to “volunteer” to capsize in the frigid Antarctic waters. I wonder how many people actually take the opportunity to visit Antarctica in a lifetime? As I get closer to completing my master’s and entering corporate America, I’m really beginning to rethink my career choice. I admire you for ditching the cubicle and creating a life outside of conventional. ideals of what life is supposed to entail.

    • Sherry says:

      True – they were brave! However those of us who didn’t ‘get to do’ that – ended up doing the polar plunge into the water by running out from the beach and into the water – yes – head all the way under…brrr – makes me cold just thinking about it again! Thanks for following along – it’s been quite a journey and just remember – when you look for a job after school find one with a sabbatical program! More and more are popping up!

  4. Ersatz Expat says:

    Sounds wonderful. Kayaking is not my thing but I would love to scuba dive in Antarctica.

  5. Dav says:

    Kayaking in Antarctica? It looks really weird at first.

    But kayaking TO Antarctica would be much more weird… :)

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